A Pint With CB - Ian "Chook" Fowler

1: When did you first get involved with Cott?

We came over in January 2007 to coach on a one year arrangement. I came over for an interview (chat with the powerbrokers) in November 2006 and once I saw the view from the car park at Harvey Field I was sold.

2: What are you hoping for the club for the year both on and off the field?

Premierships. I want to be a contributor in establishing a great environment for all of Cottesloe Rugby, juniors, seniors, social; men and women.

3: Which teams do you feel will be challenging for the Premier Grade title this year? (apart from ourselves of course)

Usual suspects I guess, Wests, Soaks, Nedlands, Palmyra.

4: Who is going to win Super Rugby this year?

Canes (CB note: abandoning the Brumbies!)

5: Who is the best player you have ever played with or against?

I played my real rugby in Canberra so I played club footy against guys like George Gregan, Stephen Larkham, Joe Roff before the Brumbies and Super Rugby started. That said, I played with a Fijian guy called Bill Ratugoliu. He was a 13 and was a superstar, I was playing 10 and he made me look good so that must mean he was really good. My memory is not that good, I played a long time ago. (CB Note: I refuse to believe it, still approaching your prime Mr Fowler!)

6: Who is the best back you have coached in Cott?

I’m talking out and out Cott players, not WF players who come in. Dave Cloete is probably the one everyone remembers, dual PG Hampshire medallist, competition leading point-scorer several times. I remember him more for his contribution around the place and his humble personality, he’s a great guy and someone I stay in touch with even though he’s back in Africa. Ryan Louwrens came through the club to Super Rugby and is a champion player and a good friend. And Dave Kirton for his attitude and willingness to do whatever asked of him for the club, I’m so happy to have him coaching with me this season. Ali Haining, Ed Melville, Todd Edwards are another trio of fantastic players.

7: Who is the best forward you have coached at Cott?

Again Cott guys. I coached for 9 seasons to 2015 CB, heaps of players have been though, but I guess the guys that started around the time I started are the ones I think of. Kieran Stringer, Ryan Hodson and Nick Haining. All 3 of these guys played Colts and have gone on to higher honours. Everyone at the club should be proud of these guys. John Monk is another who has come through the Colts and Kaisa Reidy came here at the end of 2011 and has been an awesome player and clubman from that time. At the end of the day though I have a soft spot for Shaun Nankervis. Shauny is one of the nicest blokes you will ever meet and was a great rugby player for the club.

8: Who hits the hardest from anyone you have coached beside in Cott?

Pound for pound probably Davey Kirton but Browny probably has a shot at the title (CB: For years Browny’s hobby was introducing All-Blacks to the ground with a well placed shot). Dave Pusey coached with me too and he was not shy on whacking blokes as well. I coached with Laurie Fisher in Canberra and he was a big fan of the big hit too.