Belated Welcome to our Foreign Imports

Although they have been with us for a while - we'd like to officially welcome Jack Sturton (Second Row) and Rikki Bentham (Front Row) who are joining us this season from the UK. Brought in by our recruitment manager Damien Carley (also playing host for their stay), Jack and Rikki both hail from Plymouth in the south of England and are products of Ivybridge college. Jack attended Hartpury Uni before heading down under and is keen to stay on past the rugby season whilst Rikki is heading back to study teaching with plans to make it back to the nest next season! Both have been tremendous additions to our senior squad and have well and truly become Gulls for Life!

A big thank you to Damien and Debby Carley who were instrumental in getting the lads out here as well as hosting the boys alongside their growing family!