A Pint with CB - Sam Diamond

This week we put our new VP Sam Diamond under the microscope. A quick glance at the honour boards would tell you that Sam is probably one of the youngest guys ever to  wear the shirt, but he has done a magnificent job so far. He has made the transition from club captain in 2017 to Vice President seamlessly. Every year he threatens to hang up the boots yet manages to find a way back onto the field and we suspect 2018 will be no different.
1: When did you first get involved with Cott?
I came to Cott with the Wrecking Crew back in 2015. We actually had an interview process in place to determine which club would fit with the ethos of the team. We sat down with Cott, Pally and Soaks and discussed many important and serious topics (price of beer, willingness to stock Speights and number of kiwis already playing at the club). It was a close call but the view from the bar at Cott couldn’t be faulted.
2: What are you hoping for the club for the year both on and off the field?
Obviously it would be a great way to celebrate 125 years of Cott Rugby to see a clean sweep across all grades come finals time.
It would also be great to keep building on the club atmosphere that has been steadily growing over the past few years. It would also be great to see more current players getting a bit more involved with the club. Whether this be helping with set-up and take-down on game, giving Katie Barnes and the social committee a hand with the social events or getting stuck in at the upcoming working bee.
3: I hear you are running the busy bee this Saturday the 18th, if enough live bodies turn up, what are you hoping to achieve?
I got to binge watch every season of The Block and Selling Homes when I was laid up with a broken ankle last year so I thought I should put my new found knowledge to good use and give the change rooms a makeover. The plan is to clear out all the accumulated junk, chuck a fresh coat of paint on the walls and add a few feature items requested by Chook and Fairy. There will also be the usual tasks of tidying gardens around the club and a general spring clean everywhere.

Rumour has it that Lloyd Darmody is looking to stamp his mark as Cott BBQ Master with a 6kg brisket to feed the troops after a days works and as always we will be putting on a few refreshing beverages to ensure hydration levels are sufficiently maintained.
It would be great to see every team represented by at least 5 players and there may be fines issued for any teams that don’t fill their quota. Partners, children, friends, neighbours and anyone else who can handle a paint brush or looks good in those pink dish gloves are welcome.
4: Who is going to win Super Rugby this year?
My answer will never change CB. Hurricanes all the way!!(that’s three people now who have picked the Canes to get up, I must get in touch with my bookie!)
5: Andrew Forrest’s new rugby comp is potentially starting this year, do you think it will affect club rugby positively or negatively?
From the bits and pieces I’ve heard the IPRC is all about re-establishing a pathway for talented players in WA (and around the world) so they can continue to ply their trade here in the west. I think it should draw a few players to Perth which could be a boon for local clubs and hopefully lead to a increase in the quality of players produced by the clubs here.
6: Who is the best player you have ever played with or against?
As a rugby journeyman I’ve rarely played with the stars of the game. However, I did go to school with the greatest player of the modern era. The great Richie McCaw and I both had humble beginnings at Kurow Area School.
6: Who is the best back you have played with in Cott?
Best back would be CJ Weber. He may not be the biggest or fastest but he has a great skill set that has certainly helped get the Crew out of a tight spot or two. He’ll also play more than one game each Saturday for any team who needs a hole filled.
7: Who is the best forward you have played with at Cott?
There are too many to single out. Anyone who is willing to step up and take on the challenge of eating copious amounts of food and doing no exercise so they can fill a front row position gets my nod here. 
8: Who hits the hardest from anyone you have played beside?
My boot laces are pretty good at putting me down  on occasion but the hardest hit I've ever seen came when the Crew were playing social grade in Dunedin. We had a few ring-ins from the Uni A team and a massive unit called Alex McIntyre put a guy in hospital when he took the hit up off a penalty. You could hear all the air expel from the guys lungs on impact. Made for an easy game after that as none of the opposition wanted to attempt tackling Alex.

Don't Forget the Busy Bee Kicks off this Sunday at 9am - Many Hands make light work!