A Pint with CB - John Cameron

For 2018 we have created a new segment  where we will introduce a player from the club and have them answer a few questions. The purpose of this idea is to introduce the greater playing group to our huge Cottesloe Rugby Club Diaspora and broader membership base. Each fortnight Conor, pint in hand, will put one player or member from the club to the question. It will be light-hearted in nature, so don’t expect solutions to the Wallabies tactical weaknesses. 

For the first week, we have used our new President John Cameron as our Guinea pig and he has agreed to answer a few questions.
For years JC has battled throughout the grades. He is a totemic figure who loves to carry the ball, never passes and when he has to go into prop, usually invents an injury. In 2014, he famously scored the winning try to clinch the 44L(Fours for life), the championship. He had a three on one overlap on his outside but spied that the full back was the only man in his path and he elected to run over the top of him. Our JC is extremely fond of his physical exchanges and knows only one way! There is about as much chance of catching a pass off of our chairman as a snowball has of surviving outdoors in the Pilbara.
And so to the questions:

How long have you been with Cottesloe?
I joined in 2011 and have played for 7 seasons, mostly in the 3rd and 4th grades, taking out two premierships. I joined the committee as VP in 2017. Hopefully I’ll tick over 100 games for Cott this season!
What do you think makes Cottesloe so special?
The playing group is a very inclusive one. Since the day I joined Cottesloe I have been made to feel welcome at all levels throughout the club. The view isn’t too bad either.
What are you hoping for the club in 2018?
I’m keen to provide clear strategic direction with buy in from all levels from the club.We want to broaden the focus from the current season to more of a medium term plan which will see us better utilise our talent within the club, invest in training and bring in succession planning initiatives. Club culture will be a big focus. We want to get the playing group, past players and the older generations back down to the club on a regular basis. We want integration between all of the generations that comprise the membership of our club.

In terms of on field performance, I want to see results and improvement. We have been very proactive in player retention this season and I am very confident in the senior playing groups current mindset to win next season. We have recruited what I believe to be the best coach in Western Australia to assist on delivering this. Throughout the grades we will continue to support the players and coaching groups. By launching the 125 Club, we aim to provide additional cash flow.

2018 Will be a huge season. No Western Force and with a new competition structure in place featuring additional teams in the competition, club rugby will have to adapt to fill that void in satisfying the Rugby Public’s demand for the sport. We are in a great position to achieve this.
What changes would you like to see/make happen?
I would like to see an improvement in on field performance and I believe there is a direct link between this performance and club culture and engaging with our supporter base.

We hope to upgrade the club rooms and the overall facility, however we can. I’m also extremely keen to continue investing back into the club and improve the spectator amenity.
What is the 125 club?
In essence it’s a sponsorship drive with a goal to raise $125k in funds to invest over 5 years into areas that we have not been able to concentrate on previously.
How can people get involved?
Spread the word get the conversation started! Word of mouth is key.

Firstly for the playing group we would encourage every player to seek an individual sponsor from home or at work. This sponsorship package will cover the players fees for the season.

Secondly, we are in need of volunteers. As an example we are close to raising enough funds for a new deck / viewing platform for the spectators. We are also very close to getting a sponsor for the decking materials. We need chippies and volunteers to help when these projects are getting off the ground.

You don’t necessarily need to donate cash, donate your time, help us out with your contacts and get behind the club!
What is your favourite position?

My preferred position is number 8. (CB note: number eight allows him to hang out in the backs and run over wingers, but most importantly allowing him to not have to make any tackles)
Who is the biggest hitter you have played beside in the club?
Tony Horne, he just wrecks guys, and it would be great to see him back in the future. Tony is one of those rare players who doesn’t mind losing overly much as long as he gets to put a big shot on somebody.
Who is the best player pound  for pound that you have played with?
Tom Court in Queensland with the UQRFC. He was a prop who went on and played for Ireland. He scored three tries in his second ever match. The first grade coach ignored him but once he scored that hat-trick he went straight into the team and never looked back. He began as a shot-putter so you can imagine how strong he was.