Maxwell Geoservices


We are delighted to announce that newly rebranded MAXGEO are back on board as DOUBLE BLUE sponsors for the 2019 season.

Find out more about the services maxgeo provides from company director and long time Cottesloe Rugby Club Supporter, Viv Preston.

“Exploration and mining are serious, expensive businesses. Drilling for exploration targets or grade control is costly. You drill many metres, many holes, get multiple assays. What are you left with? Some sample bags, some data. Its easy to get bogged down in this mass of data, easy to miss the hidden pointers or get confused by stray readings.

“At maxgeo, we believe that adding value to exploration and mining data requires experienced people... people who have got their “hands dirty” with the business. Our core mission is delivering solutions that store, manage and bring meaning to the vast quantities of expensive data generated by resource companies. maxgeo has been providing data management services, consultancy and software development, to the resource industry for over 20 years.

“Our client base is global, and includes multinationals and mid-tier companies, as well as juniors. Whether advising on core data management strategy, supporting client data management requirements, or assisting with the development of skills, we bring experience, talent and drive to every situation. maxgeo helps clients unlock the value in their data to drive the bottom line.”

Viv Preston, Company Director

Visit the maxgeo website